"Max" (2018), directed and animated by Micky Wozny. Currently touring multiple international festivals.


"Room For Two" (2019), directed by Riffy Ahmed. Officially selected for BFI Flare 2020.

Room For Two


"Inside a Marriage" (2020), directed by Ben Cheetham. Shortlisted for the Grierson British Documentary Awards 2020.

Inside a Marriage


Smart Slime?

"Smart Slime?" (2018), directed by Juliette Martineau. Winner of the Scientific Merit Award at the Scinema International Science Film Festival 2019 and the 2019 #LabMeCrazy! Festival IAMSA award. Finalist at the Vienna Science Film Festival 2020.



"Lifespan" (2020), directed by Juliette Martineau. Semi-finalist at the Vienna Science Film Festival 2020 and finalist at the 2020 #LabMeCrazy! Festival.

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"Another" (2019) is a story-driven, single-player gaming experience developed by Inverse Studios, showcased at EGX 2019, London. Click here to watch the trailer.


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The Extra Mile

"The Extra Mile" (2016) is a minimalist piano piece composed for IFS Chemicals' new website to advertise their brand. Written alongside a crisp and concise animation made by the team at TwoPointOne. Click here to watch.

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"Through Grove and Gravel" (2018) is a short piece for Flute, Clarinet, Harp, String Quartet and Bass, recorded at Angel Studios, London. Click here to watch.

Through Grove and Gravel